Dossier 3.0

Hello and welcome to Dossier 3.0, a lot has changed around here since 2.0! Read on…

It’s Responsive

The site adapts itself to fit nicely on different-sized devices, like your ipad or iphone. If you re-size your browser window right now you’ll see what I mean.

It’s Sassy

They say “Sass makes CSS fun again” and it’s true. Using Sass is like writing more efficient, modular and algebraic css and honestly I’m only just getting started with it. It does involve using Terminal, but I think being able to use Terminal is pretty bad-ass.

It’s Got a Blog

I jettisoned the blog for 2.0 because my feeling is that blogs are best when they’re active and focused and mine had become something more like random and occasional re-blogging – nothing that wouldn’t be better handled with a tweet. But over the course of this past year, I’ve started to think more and more about the benefits of writing and I decided to give blogging another go. This time around, however, there will be no re-blogging, it will be a blog solely about Dossier: thoughts, ideas, news and work.