I Work at Etsy Now!

A few months ago (okay seven, this is a very overdue post) I stopped freelancing and joined Etsy as a Product Designer.

I freelanced as Dossier for three years, and on the whole it was very good to me: I met, worked with and shared studios with some very awesome and creative people, I traveled and lived in Stockholm, Paris and San Francisco, and I built up and experimented with a diverse array of design and development skills. But freelance web design &¬†development is tricky and after three years, I took stock and realized I wasn’t finding it very fulfilling. I decided what I wanted and needed was to work with a team of people for a company and product that I loved and believed in, so I applied to Etsy.

I’ve long been a huge fan of Etsy, first as a buyer and more recently as a seller. I love that it enables makers and curators to pursue their own independent and creative businesses, and it’s so exciting that I now get to design and build tools and communications to help them do just that. Working there is even more awesome than I anticipated: the people are super-smart, motivated and interesting, the projects are engaging and rewarding, and the office culture really just can’t be beat.

It’s been a wonderful and whirlwind seven months and I’m super excited for what 2013 has in store.