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DMG MORI and FUCHS – two powerful partners


DMG MORI and FUCHS – two powerful partners

DMG MORI, the leading global manufacturer of machine tools, and FUCHS have been closely linked for years as technological leaders. Working together, the partners set new standards in the field of machine tool lubricants with innovative product developments.

Lubricants are absolutely essential in the operation of technical equipment and machines. Drivetrains, hybrid motors, and all moving parts quickly start to display wear when oils, greases, or other lubricants are missing. This applies even more to complex machine tools. It is therefore only logical that DMG MORI, as a leading manufacturer of these kinds of machines, should use only the best lubricants for its systems. DMG MORI entered into a technology partnership with lubricant producer FUCHS for precisely this reason: to secure development of lubricants that are perfectly matched to its systems. This ultimately benefits everyone involved, whether the machine manufacturer, the lubricant producer, or their common customers.

The CLX 450 TC universal turning machine from DMG MORI operates at 4,000 rpm. Ultimate precision is only possible when every spindle, hydraulic component, and slipway has optimum lubrication.

More than just perfect systems

The technology partnership between global market leader DMG MORI and FUCHS began in 2014 with projects in China. Since 2017, it has also proven its value for the European market. In fact, the partnership is working so well that the machine and system manufacturer has today found its technology partner for lubricants in FUCHS. "As such, we now work with just one supplier. This is far better than the old system, where we had to coordinate a large number of different suppliers," explains Michael Ziegler, Project Manager at DMG MORI for the technology partnership with FUCHS. "However, the key added value we gain from this close development cooperation with FUCHS is unquestionably the benefit for our customers.""In today's world, keeping companies that purchase machine tools completely satisfied requires far more than just supplying the perfect system," explains Jens Tempel, Application Engineer in Product Management at FUCHS and also the main contact for DMG MORI for all questions in and around the topic of lubricants in Europe, Asia, and the US. "Customers do not just buy a machine, they actually expect a solution that is perfectly tailored to their own specific requirements. Continuously supplying perfectly matched lubricants is, for example, part of this solution." Working together with DMG MORI enables FUCHS to cover both of these bases.