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Empowering our customers to perform more sustainably

"We empower our customers to perform more sustainably" is the guiding principle to which we are committed in the area of sustainability. We are convinced that the key to greater sustainability lies in making our company and, above all, our customers more efficient. And we are constantly amazed ourselves at the levers we can identify at our customers to realize a more sustainable performance and the potential that lies in the topic.

Empowering you to perform more sustainably. Even where you wouldn't expect us.

With lubricant products that are optimally matched to the respective application, FUCHS increases the efficiency of its customers’ production processes or applications, and contributes to reducing emissions. You will find our lubrication solutions also in the areas of wind energy, automotive or in the agriculture segment. In the household sector, be it the refrigerator, the skateboard or the air conditioning system. In the mobility sector, in highly specialized areas with very special requirements, from e-scooters to hydrogen engines, sunroofs to clutches in high-speed trains. The same applies to the areas of efficient manufacturing and medical technology, where FUCHS also provides lubricants for insulin autoinjection pens, resulting in a significant improvement in patients' perception of pain. Just a few examples of the many in which our lubrication solutions can be used, but sustainability at FUCHS means even more than that.