outdoor life

If you are interested in the great outdoors, you should consider reading an outdoor life magazine. Outdoor Life is the sister magazine of Field & Stream, which is considered one of the Big Three of American outdoor publishing. It first appeared in January 1898 in Denver, Colorado. Today, more than 350,000 subscribers subscribe to Outdoor Life. Regardless of your level of outdoor enjoyment, this magazine will help you find the best products and experiences. With tips and tricks for living outdoors, you will have no problem enjoying your new hobby.

The first issue of Outdoor Life featured advice about the Native Americans. Later, it included articles about photography, traps, and game and field. The magazine was very innovative, and it published its first color issue in 1906. As of 2018, it is only published quarterly. The publication is currently owned by Bonnier Corporation, but its future is uncertain. In the meantime, it will continue to be distributed in print form, but will be transitioned to digital format in 2021.

For avid outdoor enthusiasts, you can subscribe to Outdoor Life. The magazine covers all things hunting, fishing, camping, and survival. It is the sister magazine of Field & Stream. It regularly features hunting and fishing tips, quizzes, and reviews of new outdoor gear. Outdoor Life is the perfect magazine to pick up when you are heading out on a trip or just for fun. In addition to the magazine, there are a number of websites dedicated to outdoor recreation.