outdoor life

Outdoor Life is an American outdoor magazine. Founded in January 1898 in Denver, Colorado, it is considered one of the Big Three in American outdoor publishing. Money considers Outdoor Life to be among the best in the field. Despite its venerable history, the magazine still maintains a personal touch and remains relevant. Readers of the magazine can expect to discover new and exciting ideas in their articles. The magazine is published quarterly, but subscribers can subscribe to receive it free of charge.

The magazine has a loyal readership of more than ten million subscribers worldwide. Issues are published monthly from February to May, and in August and November. The magazine also publishes combined issues in December/Jan and June/July. Its content is focused on outdoor activities and lifestyles. Several famous people have contributed to Outdoor Life. Among these people are:

The first issue of Outdoor Life included information about Native Americans. Its other sections dealt with hunting, fishing, traps, and game and field. As a pioneering publication, Outdoor Life was the first to use color on the cover. The magazine was a great resource for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to its insightful articles, Outdoor Life offers many tips and quizzes that will help you improve your skills and experience. Its first edition even features advice from Native Americans.