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If you enjoy the outdoors, you may want to read Outdoor Life. It's a sister publication of Field & Stream, one of the Big Three magazines in American outdoor publishing. First published in Denver, Colorado, in January 1898, Outdoor Life has been around for nearly 150 years. With a readership of nearly six million, it is considered the most influential outdoor magazine in the country. This year's issue is one of the most popular yet, and will focus on fishing, hunting, and camping.

The first issue of Outdoor Life included a feature on Native American hunting and fishing. The following year, sections on photography, traps, and game and field were added. As the magazine evolved, it became more innovative. In 1903, the cover was first printed in black and white; in 1906, the magazine began publishing color issues. The publication continues to be a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. The magazine is published ten times a year.

Outdoor Life is an outdoor magazine that covers hunting, fishing, camping, and survival. It is a sister publication of Field & Stream, and is considered one of the Big Three in American outdoor publishing. Published every month, Outdoor Life regularly includes quizzes and tips on various outdoor activities and equipment. It also reviews the latest outdoor gear. Its content has been featured in numerous books, including the popular Outdoor Life e-book. And while it's important to read Outdoor Life for the outdoors, it is also essential for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors.