outdoor life

A popular magazine in the world of outdoors is Outdoor Life. Like its sister publications Field & Stream, Outdoor Life is considered one of the Big Three in American outdoor publishing. Launched in 1898 in Denver, Colorado, the magazine continues to grow in popularity today. Founded by two outdoor enthusiasts, Outdoor Life and Field & Stream, the magazine has been a staple of American outdoor culture for over 100 years. Its popularity has grown so much that it is now published in over 60 countries around the world.

The magazine is published ten times annually, with monthly issues in February, May, and August, and a combined issue in December/January. While the publication grew and changed, it remained true to its original focus. During the first cycle, Outdoor Life received contributions from Teddy Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Clark Gable, and Babe Ruth, among many others. Regardless of the magazine's changing focus, it has maintained its unique identity and relevance.

In its 105th year, Outdoor Life has remained a staple of American outdoor publishing, including hunting, fishing, and survival. In its early years, the magazine was a print publication, and later, began publishing as Outdoor Life, Outdoor Recreation. In the year 2021, it became an entirely digital publication. Today, the magazine's web site provides basic information about the magazine, including its editorial policy, and features a selection of recent content.